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QD-500 type dry waste circuit board recycling production line, mainly used for the separation of waste printed circuit board, CCL, circuit boards and other scrap materials of metal and non-metal.
The production line has novel and unique structure, large production capacity, low power consumption; once feeding, multi machine cooperation to complete; production line is controlled by PLC.
The successful development of the machine not only improves the quality of the recovered copper, but also prevents the two pollution. The recovery rate of copper in waste printed circuit board is up to 99% by separating and sorting equipment, and it is still the first in china.
The production line of the waste circuit board recycling processing to take a break, two pieces, the mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; then through the wind and electrostatic separation process route of the separation of metal and resin. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, bag dust removal device is added to the air separation process to effectively solve the dust pollution problem.
加工范围: Processing diameter 废旧电路板、覆铜板、边角料
主机器尺寸:长X宽X高 Overall dimension(LxWxH) 800cm*350cm*370cm
机器重量: Machine weight 6000kg
电机电压: Motor voltage 380V/220V
产量/小时: Capacity/hour 300kg-400kg
电机功率: Motor Power 103KW
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