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Do you have waste NM cables, scrap UF cables, THHN/ THWN cables, old low-voltage wires, phone and data wires, or coaxial cables? These waste cables and wire are generated every day. If they are not processed properly, it will lead to a serious waste of resources. Meanwhile, it would make a certain environmental pollution. What can we do? Do you have any sollutions to deal with these wastes? If youve been committed to the waste wires and cables recycling industry, do you have any ideas to improve the recycling rate or increase your profit?


Our copper wire recycling machines can get high-purity copper granules or aluminum granules from the scrap wires and cables. The copper granules recycled by our copper wire recycling machines are really beautiful and very clear. They are like the shinny gold, you will definitely love it. The most of all, it would be sold at a very high price, you can earn a lot of money. By the way, you contribute to our environment for processing these old waste wires and cables.


The advantages of our QD-600SA copper wire recycling machine:

1) still with excellent performance even after 6-year using;

2) separation rate could reach up to 99% at least.;

3) no secondary pollution

4) low noise.


QD-600SA cable recycling machine are our medium-capacity copper wire recycling machine.



Process diameter:



400-800 KGS PER HOUR

Floor Area ( L*W*H):







QD-600SA copper wire granulator machine is developed based on the QD-600S copper wire granulator. It meets the requirement of our clients for a bigger capacity copper recycling machine.


QD-600SA copper wire granulator has an extra more QD-600 cable shredder than QD-600S copper recycling machine, others are the same. The QD-600 shredder has one discharging conveyor with belt-magnet on it. The belt-magnet can remove the iron in the shredded wires and cables. You can also choose one drum-type magnet. The drum-type magnet is much stronger than the belt-type magnet.


If the iron is removed before it goes into the main crusher of the QD-600S copper cable granulator, the blades in the main crusher wouldnt be hurt that much. The blades could extend its service life.


With the help of QD-600 cable shredder, the main crusher of the QD-600S copper wire recycling machine would be fed short waste wires and cables, which would increase its capacity.


QD-600SA copper wire recycling machine can not only process various waste wires and cables, such as the car cables, Ethernet wires,etc. but also many other kinds of scrap wastes, like the small radiators, small transformers, the connectors, and hardware made of copper and plastics, etc.


If you get one set of our QD-600SA copper wire granulator, you could get a good profit from recycling waste cables and wires, you will have less problems with the maintenance,too.


One set of QD-600SA copper cable granulator contains one set of QD-600S copper wire recycling machine and one set of QD-600 wire shredder. Thats totally one feeding conveyor, one main crusher, one air separator, two vibration tables, and one set of QD-600 cable shredder, one  discharging conveyor with belt-type magnet or drum-type magnet.


If the wires and cables have much iron mixed, we could provide u the double-layer magnets which are placed under the copper outlet of the air separator and above the copper vibration table. They could help get rid of the iron, and make the copper much purer.


Regarding the tinned copper and the copper mixture, all the copper wire recycling machines cant separate them, cause the densities of the tinned copper and copper are almost the same. And it definitely cant use the magnets to separate. But their colors are different, tinned copper is silver, copper is gold, color separator may be a good choice.


And all the copper wire recycling machines cant separate the copper from oil-filled wires and cables, either.


About the separation rate, it could be up to 99% at least, if the single copper conductor is bigger than 0.2mm; It could reach up to 98%, if the single copper conductor is smaller than 0.2mm, but up to 99% at least if with an electrostatic separator.


Processing diameter
Overall dimension(LxWxH)
Machine weight
Motor voltage
Motor Power

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