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QD-800S Dry-type copper recycling production line

QD-800S Dry type Scrap Copper/ Aluminum Cables Recycling Separator has been developed based on QD-600S granulator, which is equivalent to two QD-600S(s).

That’s :

QD-800S = Two QD-600S(s)

Compared with QD-600S, QD-800S can process much more scraps within the same time, it’s capacity is just twice as QD-600S’s while with no increasing labor cost.

If you need equipment with much larger processing capacity, please think about QD-800SA which is assembled with a shredder.

Shredder with a strongly magnetic iron suction machine can increase the output while protecting the blade of the main crusher. Shredder also has different types, like S-400,S-600,S-800,S-1200.

If you need to process wires with diameter less than 0.2mm, then it’s better for you to buy an extra Electrostatic Separator, it will help separate even the teeny-tiny copper granules from the plastics.

Please check the corresponding product page for more details on this website.

1) Domestic granulator sales leader !
2) Convenient for installation, testing and transportation due to its overall combined structure;
Technicians can be sent abroad for door-to-door service if necessary.
3) Fully automatic operations by PLC system, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency;
4) Up to 99% separation of metals from plastics and no dust or secondary pollution;
5) Good economic benefits, that’s recycled copper, aluminum and plastics can sell at a high price for its high purity;
6) Excellent performance especially with rubber wires, miscellaneous wires, and large-size cables;
7) No major quality problems with the equipment after being used for even 6 years;

When under the action of wind, two kinds of materials with different densities pass through a certain angle of the sieve surface, and the deflection caused by the amplitude movement makes the high-density copper granules advancing against the sieve facing the copper outlet, and the plastics with low density floating to the plastic outlet. So as to get the separated copper and plastics.

A large amount of waste copper cables, scrap aluminum wires are generated everyday in the world which seriously threaten our living environment. QD-800S is made for processing such scraps to recycle high-purity metals and plastics. It not only develops the national economy and protects the environment, but also is conducive to the development of the recycling industry.

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