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QD-600C Dry-type copper recycling production line

First, purpose
There are many kinds of waste wires and telecommunication cables used or exchanged in the world. Our purpose is to overcome the loss of copper and other by-products during regeneration and make it more scientific and automatic. It cuts people, improves recovery, and improves production efficiency. It not only develops the national economy, protects the environment, but also benefits the development of the recycling industry.
Two, effect
QD-600C type dry copper and rice machine is a professional dry separation of waste wire and cable production line. For example: the old car circuit lines, communication cables, and the wire stripping machine is not suitable for processing (various civilian wires) waste miscellaneous materials. Thin filament wires. Characteristics of this machine is the size of the line can be broken without separation and classification, structure of the new, unique, large production capacity, low power consumption. High sorting rate, one feed, multi machine collaboration to complete. Fully automatic intelligent control is in the leading position in china. The successful development of the machine solves the problems in the process of burning copper and improves the quality of the recovered copper, and can recycle the plastic and solve the environmental pollution at the same time.
1. economic effect: the same wire, the machine has more than 99% recovery rate, can make us in the limited resources in the effective use of more wires, and low price, the user greatly reduce the economic burden.
2. environmental protection effect: the whole process of crushing, sorting and dust collection is rigorous and harmonious, which is more effective than burning or other methods.
Three: working principle:
Principle: two different density of the material under the action of wind, the screen angle on the amplitude caused by the movement of the wire deflection of high density with a screen oriented copper export forward, small density plastic skin floating out in the above to Pikou copper wire. So as to achieve the purpose of separation of copper and plastic.
Four, equipment features:
After the crushing of waste wire and cable, the automatic mechanical separation can completely separate copper and plastic, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, and has higher economic benefits. And no dust, no two pollution. In addition, the equipment is an integrated structure, easy to install and debug, and transport (customer purchase after the power supply can be produced), stable performance.
1. compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, easy installation.
2. automatic intelligent control, so that the equipment uniform feeding, intelligent operation, make the operation easier, save worry, save time and effort, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.
3. crusher adopts roller type, low speed, high torque, large output, small noise, simple operation.
4., grinding machine, sorting equipment and dust collection equipment use platform combination, so that the equipment is easy to move and transport, increase the flexibility of the equipment.
5. the grinder rotor adopts alternate cutter shaft, which makes the crusher produce higher efficiency, lower noise and more stable operation.
6. air separation equipment, sorting rate is higher than 99%.
The 7. return system makes the semi-finished products undergo two times of crushing, which ensures the complete separation of metal and nonmetal.
8. bag dust collection equipment effectively control dust overflow, dust removal efficiency as high as 99%.


  1. Suitable structure and layout, easy to install。
  2. The crusher adopts double roller,low speed, high tear produces big output while little noise。
  3. The design of separator and dust collector is handy for movement or transport。
  4. The rotor of the grinder is alternating,leading to more efficiency,faster discharging,lower noise and more steady running。
  5. The separation rate of air separator can reach at least 99%。
  6. Feedback system will do the second crushing to  the unfinished material, which guarantee the totally separation of metal and non-metal。
  7. Dust-collector can prevent the leak of dust, the dust-cleaning  rate can reach 99.99%。
  8. Specification:

    Processing diameter
    Overall dimension(LxWxH)
    Machine weight
    Motor voltage
    Motor Power

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