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QD-600S Dry-type copper recycling production line

QD-600S  Dry-type copper recycling production line:

The whole production line has unique structure, big process capacity and low power consumption. With high separation rate, the separation is conducted by several parts. This equipment has not only improved the purity of copper, but also reduced the pollution to the environment.

Craft diagram:


  1. Suitable structure and layout, easy to install。
  2. The crusher adopts double roller,low speed, high tear produces big output while little noise。
  3. The design of separator and dust collector is handy for movement or transport。
  4. The rotor of the grinder is alternating,leading to more efficiency,faster discharging,lower noise and more steady running。
  5. The separation rate of air separator can reach at least 99%。
  6. Feedback system will do the second crushing to  the unfinished material, which guarantee the totally separation of metal and non-metal。
  7. Dust-collector can prevent the leak of dust, the dust-cleaning  rate can reach 99.99%。

Processing diameter
Overall dimension(LxWxH)
Machine weight
Motor voltage
Motor Power

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