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Double Shaft Shredder 400/ 600 /800 /1200

Qida Double Shaft Reinforcing and Strengthening Shredders have various kinds,like shredder 400, shredder 600, shredder 800, shredder 1200,pls check the corresponding parameters for reference. Shredder 400 has a single motor, others all have double motors.

Qida shredders adopt a multi-axis double-roller design. It has the advantages of low noise, large torque and large crushing chamber. The unique design of the cutter made of special steel through special treatment has a large gripping force for large materials and hollow materials and a multi-ability of cracking,breaking,extrusion etc., the crushing granularity is concentrated, and the crushing range is wide.

Qida Shredders 400/ 600/ 800/ 1200 are widely used in waste wires, cables, items made of PVC,PE, PP, PS and ABS, glass, copper clad laminate and scrap, waste rubber (such as waste tires), waste plastic wood pipes, large pieces of materials broken. The shape of the crushing material is unlimited,like frames, boxes, hollow items, tubes, balls and other irregular shaped items are all available.

1) Moving blades and fixed blades are made of D2 material;
2) Major electrical components are of well-known brands;

3)Using microcomputer technology, including start, stop and reverse characteristics of rotor;

4) Automatic reverse sensor protects the machine from overloading and jamming;

5) Designed with split bearing chock technology for fast and efficient blade replacement;

6) Specially designed rotors are extremely wear-resistant;

7) The moving blades only need to be replaced after 4 rotations, reducing running costs and downtime;

8) Extremely flexible machine capable of handling many different materials;

9) Multiple protection of machinery and electrical appliances;

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