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SLJD100, SLJD150, SLJD200, SLJD300, SLJD350 electrostatic separators are also called plastics electrostatic separators or plastics sorting and recycling equipments. They are different from their capacities. All of them have an excellent performance for separating almost all kinds of the plastics.


We have sample plastics electrostatic separators at factory, welcome to bring your waste materials to test. The waste materials for testing are at least 500KGS, otherwise it wouldnt see the performance.

SLJD100, SLJD150, SLJD200, SLJD300, SLJD350: for various kinds of plastics, such as the mixture of ABS,PS,PP; the mixture of PET and PVC; the mixture of PC and PMMA; the mixture of PE and PA; the mixure of PC and flame-retardant ABS; etc.


SLJD100/ SLJD150/ SLJD200/ SLJD300/ SLJD350


Process diameter :

3-15mm long or wide, thickness within 8mm;


1000-3500 KGS PER HOUR

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